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DK Locating Company Details
Email: Click For Email   Website: Click To Go To Website    
Address: null
City: Venice
State: FL
Postal Code: 34284
Telephone: 877-214-7770
Email Address:
Website Address: http://www.dklocating.com

From The Website:

Hello, my name is Donald Kimball and I am the owner of DK locating. I have been active in the locating business for years and have seen the best and worst. I'm here to give you the best. The location of your vending machines is one of the most important facets of your business and you want to be assured that it will be done correctly. - to be assured that the person you hired is the person that will do the job. With DK locating, it is us that will be with you throughout your complete locating experience. I will be there to answer questions before we start locating your machines and I will be there to answer questions long after they are located. I promise-- Satisfaction Guaranteed When you hire DK locating- you hire DK Locating. You do not hire a locating company that has someone else to do your locating. We are not a referral service.

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