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Vending Scam Watch

I have had a full line vending route for over 12 years. I have also run this website for almost 11 years. I never have as much fun on the internet as when I run into the various and sundry sites which have input from those who claim to have been ripped off by vending scammers.

It is not that I don't believe those who get 'ripped off', it's not that I believe what the various rebuttals to the claims state. The fun is in the fact that the cat and mouse game goes on and on and on.

The facts, according to me are:

  • If you contact an 800 number to start a business you are stupid. Stupid? Yes. Stupid. An idiot. A Moron.
  • If you contact a 800 number you are a moron. An idiot. You are lazyand deserve to be ripped off.
  • For the most part I would have to say that those behind the 800 number know that their products and services are to expensive, not worth the asking price, will not provide an income, know that they can leave 90% of the costs of running a business out of the discussion.
  • Purchasers do no research.
  • Sellers know purchasers do no research
  • Purchasers depend on sellers for research.
  • Purchasers are lazy.
  • Sellers know purchasers are lazy.

Mr. Vendline webmaster you are so mean! How can you say that? These are only people who want to start a business and live the American dream. Well my my perspective, and others I might add, Americans are for the most part lazy, under utilize whatever pathetic public education thay may have had, and don't employ their baseball hat rack to any extent other than the utilitarian use as described.

Vendline's advice: NEVER buy a vending route. Always start your own route with the help of another vendor, or, with a sales rep from a reputable company.

More Vendline advice: NEVER use a locator. The only way to keep a location is with a personal relationship. You have to control that relationship from the very beginning. What a locator states in his sales pitch may not be feasible, prudent, or business wise. YOU, a partner, employee, someone with a vested interest in the success of the business must initiate the relationship NOT an outside party or agency. Would you use a locator to find a spouse?

You may have been to some of the bulletin boards out there and noticed the banter between the users many of which are professional ( their term not ours) locators. Note the quality, the tone, and subject matter of some of the conversations and you will get a good idea of what that element of the Vending industry is comprised of. The point here is that there is a tremendous amount of sleaze in vending and you will do well to steer clear of it by keeping to yourself and keeping all tasks in house and not outsourcing the most critical element of your success.

Take any and all claims for sales with a grain of salt. All sales figures are inflated, all costs are underestimated and most costs are not mentioned at all.

It is not a matter of "if" you will get ripped off but "how badly" you will get ripped off before you head is out of the clouds.

Remember: NEVER EVER approach, inquire, telephone, email or otherwise contact ANY Vending BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.









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