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Antiquities Vending Company Company Details
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Address: 24 South Main Street #2
City: Granite Falls
State: NC
Postal Code: 28630
Telephone: 828-962-9783
Email Address: info@antiquevending.com
Website Address: http://www.antiquevending.com
We are always looking for Rare and Unusual Vintage Soda Machines - We Buy and Sell , Collect , Restore , and Repair All Makes and Models of Vintage Soda Machines! We are your one Stop Shop for Refrigeration Repair and Glass Bottle Soda Pop to Stock Your Vendor - We hope that you will visit our Company on line at www.antiquevending.com or Give our help desk a call at 828-962-9783 - No purchase necessary - advise is free and every customer in important. - Our Company Currently Stocks in house one of every Bottle Vintage Vendor from 1925 to Current - from the Icy-O to the Vendo Decapper - from the Cavalier 102 to the Victor Cooler Grille. We are the last operating fully Vintage Vending Company in the world today - that operates only antique equipment in service 24 hours a day - seven days a week - and only Vends Glass Bottle Soda. We Currently preserve in house over 1000 Antique Vending Machines. Our Restoration and Service Department is a rarity in that it dedicates its entire facility to only servicing vintage equipment and we are a soda machine restoration company that is certified in refrigeration by the state.
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