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Vendline is your source for information on vending machines, vending products, vending software, bulk vending, vending trade groups, vending information on various subjects.

Vending Blogs - Straight From The Horses Mouth......

Our vending blog listing a a compilation of links to blogs maintained by an individual with regular entries of vending topics, issues, events, or other vending ideas and commentary. Vending blogs are always interesting and varied. Blogs range from drama to conceptual. Within vending blogs you will find years and years of experience condensed into managable topic area. The Vendline blog page has a Vending Machine Industry Blogs Listing, A Listing of Vending Related Blogs, Search For Vending Industry Blogs.

Vending Scams - Buyer Beware - You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

If you are interested in the vending business, or, you are a current operator who wishes to expand your business, watch out for the "to good to be true" opportunity. As we are all aware there are hundreds of articles about vending scams on the internet. Yet every day we see news alerts or read articles about people who have been caught up in some type of scam and have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you open up your newspaper today, no matter where you live, you can find some 800 number advertisements for the "All Cash Business", or "Established routes" for sale. Make thousands of dollars per month! Sounds good. Good for the sleaze on the other end of the line.

Read our Consumers page before you commit to anything. Use our Route Manager tools to evaluate the sales per machine. Remember your labor is not free! Remember licensing, permits, insurance, State sales tax, estimated federal taxes, gas, auto insurance, liability insurance, and remember most of all COMPETITION who will do anything to insure your failure.
Coming soon is the VendlineRouteMaster a web based vending application which allows you to track your business, as well as, set up senarios for machine, route, or business forcasts. Since the VendlineRouteMaster is web based it is particularly suited for any web enabled portable device with a browser. You can run your business from your phone if you want to.

Vendline Tools

Look under the Route Manager Links to find a couple of new tools.

Calculate the gross margin for either a canned soda vendor or a single head bulk machine.

Being creative you can also use the tools for estimates, scenario testing, for one or multiple like machines

Give the tools a try.

Feedback is appreciated to Webmaster

  • Can Vendor. Calculate the Gross Margin of a standard can vendor. Use this tool to calculate the Gross Margin on one machine or a route of like machines.
  • Bulk Vendor. Calculate the Gross Margin of a bulk vendor. Expand the calculation to a location calculation by summing the entries.
  • Contract Generator. Generate your own contracts with this handy tool. Simply plug in your data and you have a contract for your new location.

Consumers Beware

The Vending Industry is rife with false information directed at individuals who are interested in a Vending Business Opportunity. Look at the Scam Watch page to view input from users.

Vendline has accumulated a number of links to consumer groups. A collection of those links can be seen by visiting the Consumer Pages.


Vending Contracts

Vendline now allows you the ability to generate your own vending contracts online with our exclusive Contract Generator.
Simply fill out the fields, click the button and a printable contract is generated.
The contract is generic and is designed for you to enter contract specific information.

Check it out at: contract.jsp


Vending Industry Events

Attend a vending trade show and you will be amazed at the number of products, machines, equipment, and allied products on the market. You attendance will guarantee that you will come away with a laundry list of wants and needs for your business.

Attending trade shows, expositions, is important to your vending business.

By attending a trade show you can keep up with the latest trends in product offerings, review the benefits of the latest technology, network with vendors and suppliers, and ultimately become the most efficient vending business in your market.

View a listing of various vending related trade shows, events, or expositions.

Vending Organizations

You have heard it a million times. You should belong to a professional vending organization. There are many reasons to take advantage of the opportunity to network with other vendors. These are people who have faced the same situations as you in their own business. You could say that at any given point during a convention, meeting, or show there are literally hundreds of years of experience ready to be tapped.

View the Vendline listing of professional organizations, follow the links and your will find out for yourself how much more information could be available to you.


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