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Vending Consumers Page

When it comes to vending business opportunities be an informed consumer and business person!

The definition of a consumer in this page is that of an individual who wishes to start a vending business, or, who wishes to purchase products or equipment for an existing vending business. The purpose of this page is to assist in the gathering of information for the above decisions.

A vending consumer could be an individual who is investigating a business opportunity, or one who is looking to expand a business. The FTC oulines the Business Opportunity Rule while places safeguards to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision. The rule protects by "First, it requires sellers covered by the Rule to give you a one-page disclosure document outlining important facts about the opportunity. Second, if sellers make any claims about how much money you might make, they have to give you a separate paper with more specifics. Third, the Rule makes clear that certain practices are against the law."

Here are some books which may help. Also there are numerous links towards the bottom of this page.

From The Amazon Website: "Turn Small Change Into Big Profits!

Looking for an opportunity to make big profits while setting your own schedule? A vending business could be your ticket to the top. Americans feed vending machines more than $46 billion a year for sodas, candy, coffee and other snacks. That’s a nice chunk of change you could be pocketing.

Starting is easy. You can begin part time out of your home. As your customer base increases, you can hire extra help, invest in more machines and expand your service area. There’s no limit to how large your business can grow.

Get the inside scoop on how to start up in this lucrative, flexible business. Expert advice covers: How to select the hottest new products for vending machines The best ways to finance your new business The secrets to scouting out territories and establishing routes Where to find supplies at a discount The latest statistics, trends and forecasts from industry experts Critical tips to avoid getting scammed New technology and the use of social media

Checklists, work sheets and expert tips guide you through every phase of the startup process. With low startup costs and no experience required, a vending business is a perfect choice for your new venture."

A key element in any start-up is the business plan. The business plan is your road map to success. Without a map you can get lost.

From Amazon: "'Get Smart' About Your Chosen Business Venture!

This 222 page ebook contains the detailed content and out-of-the-box ideas to launch a successful Vending Machine Service Company. This ebook Business Plan provides the updated relevant content needed to become much more knowledgeable about starting a profitable Vending Machine Service Company. The fill-in-the-blank template format makes it very easy to write the business plan, but it is the out-of-the box strategic growth ideas and detailed marketing plan, presented for your specific type of business, that will put you on the road to success.

This ebook features in-depth descriptions of a wide range of innovative products and services, and a comprehensive marketing plan that has been customized for your specific business. It also contains an extensive list of Keys to Success, Creative Differentiation Strategies, Competitive Advantages to seize upon, Current Industry Trends and Best Practices to exploit, Helpful Resources, Financial Statement Forms and Alternative Financing Options.

If your goal is to obtain the business knowledge, industry education and original ideas that will improve your chances for success in a Vending Machine Service business... then this book was written for you"

Vendline offers links to sites which can help you in evaluating a business opportunity, understanding some of the various areas of vending where scams can and do exist, and offer tools for an analysis of the claims made by some of the companies which are selling businesses, and or routes.

Here is a starting list of links to review:

Government Agencies:

Service Corps of Retired Executives
US Chamber Of Commerce
Small Business Institute
Federal Trade Commission
Small Business Administration
Trade and Development Agency
National Fraud Information Center
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Business Advisor

U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Postal Service
Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Department of Commerce

General Business:

Business Today
National Association For The Self-Employed
National Home Office Association
U.S.A. Home Based Business
America Business Women's Association
National Association Of Women Business Owners
National Federation of Independant Businesse
Small Business Development & International Trade Center
World Trade Center
MIT Enterprise Forum
California Trade and Commerce Agency


US Nation's Business
Consumer World
Automatic Merchandiser
Home Office Computing


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