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Vending Consumers Page

When it comes to vending business opportunities be an informed consumer and business person! One great way to find out about the vending business is to do some research with existing publications which describe the vending business. Review some Vending Publications here.

A key element in any start-up is the business plan. The business plan is your road map to success. Without a map you can get lost. Review a list of publications about business plans Business Plans here.

Automatic Merchandising magazine has an excellent article on business plans.

Due to the comparatively low initial captial requirements for starting a vending business the vending industry has a tremendous amount of business opportunities hawking the easiest money to be made in the world. Most opportunities, routes, businesses are geared at a sales price of five thousand to thirty thousand dollars. These opportunities are offered daily in just about every local newspaper. Open the ads some day and call them up. Take their information and plug it into some of the Vendline RouteMaster Tools.

Vendline offers links to sites which can help you in evaluating a business opportunity, understanding some of the various areas of vending where scams can and do exist, and offer tools for an analysis of the claims made by some of the companies which are selling businesses, and or routes.

Here is a starting list of links to review:

Government Agencies:

Service Corps of Retired Executives
US Chamber Of Commerce
Small Business Institute
Federal Trade Commission
Small Business Administration
Trade and Development Agency
National Fraud Information Center
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Business Advisor

U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Postal Service
Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Department of Commerce

General Business:

Business Today
National Association For The Self-Employed
National Home Office Association
U.S.A. Home Based Business
America Business Women's Association
National Association Of Women Business Owners
National Federation of Independant Businesse
Small Business Development & International Trade Center
World Trade Center
MIT Enterprise Forum
California Trade and Commerce Agency

Useful Links:

Easy Money? Report On Vending


US Nation's Business
Consumer World
Automatic Merchandiser
Home Office Computing


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