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About Vendline

Coming soon: Vendline Route Master!

Vendline Mission Statement:

The purpose of Vendline is to provide users with an easy to use vending related website. Further the purpose of Vendline is to facilitate the search for vending related information, and companies who perform a specific function or service. Vendline will also offer analytical tools used to evaluate business opportunities, profitability, or project feasibility.

Vendline has been on the internet since October of 1995 as one of the first internet sites devoted to the Vending Industry. At its inception the Vendline mission has been to provide information, analytical tools, forums for communication between users and vending related company listings with links as a free service to its users.

To see how Vendline, or any site for that matter, has evolved go to http://web.archive.org and use the Way Back Machine. It is fun and informative.

The basis of the Vendline site is two fold. The webmaster of Vendline ran a full line vending route in San Diego, CA for 12 years. The company was founded with no experience, no customers, and basically no knowledge of the vending industry. Fortunately the owner had business experience with a major banking institution, and formal MBA courses to help guide the way. Vendline is the result of that experience. Having been there and done that Vendline is a website which aims to help others gather important information, help others make sound financial decisions, and help others grow their business.

Vendline is a free service. Vendline charges no fees for any of our online information services. In the near future Vendline will open the site to advertising. Fees have not been set but the basis of the fee structure will be a two tier structure based on views and click throughs.

After a number of incarnations, looks, feels, and programming environments, Vendline today exists as all of the above delivered via a new DB based server. What this means to the Vendline user is the ability to search for any type of vending information quickly and efficiently.

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